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Theater is a wonderful medium to express ones inner feeling as well as build teamwork skills. The scripts give you access to brilliant minds and tools to understand the human condition. I started in theater in 1995 and quickly tried all of the positions until I settled on lighting design as my preferred medium.

"Colin Kaminski's sharp lights accent the reds and blues of the set and help create some stunning stage pictures. " Chad Jones - Oakland Tribune about "Eternity is in Love with the Productions of Time" - Transparent Theater.

I have not been very good about getting photos of my lighting. The show is more important to me than my portfolio and I don't usually take the time to photograph my favorite scenes. I have some photos of my sets but they were made for fun and not as a serious effort to be an artist. I will post them here but I hope you take them with a grain of salt as I do.

Dreamweaver's Theatre - Mr. Roberts
Daryl Roberts - Colin Kaminski - Dan Monez
Dreamweaver's Theatre - Mr. Roberts
Colin Kaminski with goat - Dan Frederick
Dreamweaver's Theatre - Wait until Dark
Ken Riley - Richard Ogden - Colin Kaminski
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