Colin Kaminski Bibliography


The Big Red Book of American Lutherie - Volume Three, 1991-1993

Guild of American Luthiers

Edited by Cyndy Burton

Febuary, 2004

This book covers all of the information in American Lutherie from 1991 to 1993 it has reprints from Kaminski's articles as well as tips. Including:

Meet the Maker: Ervin Somgyi, pg. 393

It Worked for Me: Frit Nippers, pg. 489

It Worked for Me: Vacuum Tank, pg. 491

It Worked for Me: Fretboard Tapering Jig, pg. 492

It Worked for Me: Fretboard Binding Clamp, pg. 494

It Worked for Me: Dished Workboard, pg. 496


Refractometers - Brewing at the Speed of Light

Brew Your Own Magazine p.24

November, 2003

Kaminski covers refractometers and their use in brewing. Available On-line!


Indoor Brewery

Brew Your Own Magazine p.24

November, 2002

Kaminski provides an introduction to the concepts of burning gas indoors including air supply, gas supply, exhaust venting and steam venting. Enclosed burners as well as exhaust hoods are discussed.


How Clear is Your Beer?

Brew Your Own Magazine

July, 2002

Kaminski walks us through the brewing process stopping just long enough at each point to consider it's effects on clarity.


Bring On The Heat!

Brew Your Own Magazine

November, 2001

Quill and Tankard Award - 3rd Place,

Category:  Feature - Brewing,

North American Guild of Beer Writers

Kaminski has designed gas systems for the homebrewer and shares some of the basics of gas systems and the available parts. It also teaches some of the basics of fuel gasses.


A Bow Making Course. Reviewed

American Lutherie #49 p.62

The reviewer attended the course taught by Joseph Regh in Wappingers Falls, N.Y. The course lasted two weeks. Kaminski is extremely enthusiastic about his experience. Classes are small and Regh’s teaching is high quality, making the event very personal.


Resetting a Neck with Jeff Traugot

American Lutherie #49 p.50

Neck resetting techniques have changed enormously in the last few years, and they continue to evolve. Traugot has been in the forefront of the evolution. Here’s his up-to-the-minute description of the procedure. With 12 photos.


Meet the Maker: Marc Silber

American Lutherie #47 p.46

Silber is a musician, nomad, repairman, musical historian, guitar designer, dealer, collector, and all around keeper of the flame. How can a man have so much fun and make a living at the same time?


Meet the Maker: Ervin Somogyi

American Lutherie #36 p.12

Many of us suffer periods of lutherie burnout, but few as dramatically as Somogyi, whose house and shop were lost in a great California fire. This interview offers early background information and an update of how he has coped since the fire.


Building Hollow Radius Forms

American Lutherie #33 p.23

Kaminski's form uses two sheets of plywood of different thickness. They are stacked and screwed together down the center, and the thin sheet is curved by placing rows of wedges between them. A wood frame is built around the plywood, then polyester is poured between the sheets to make the radius permanent. It works, but it can be messy.


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