I have been interested in the combustion engine since I was 16 and first learned how a 4 stroke engine worked. I have worked on my own vehicles ever since. I have had too many vehicles to remember. Mostly VWs and motorcycles. Above is a "kneeler" sidecar. It was powered by a Kawasaki H2 3 cylinder 2-stroke 750cc engine. The seat is about 18" tall and the platform for the "monkey" was about 4" off the roadway. It was a retired race bike from Sears Point Raceway. I converted it for street use. I never got a plate but I installed all of the lighting. It was very loud, but fun to run around on the few times I took it out.

When I lived in Berkeley I had a couple of mechanics related jobs. I started by being a service writer for Uptown Motors. I left there to work at Recycle Motor Cycle Salvage putting bikes together for sale and my last job was as a Service Writer and Office manager for Autonomechs. None of these business still survive but Steve Nechodom, who was the first "real" mechanic I ever met, still runs a shop in Berkeley called Kamachanics. He and I have been friends for a million years.

When I was 19 I acquired a dog, "Floyd". He went everywhere with me. We put about 30K miles on my motorcycles. He was a natural passenger. After the bike was started he would jump on and we would take off. The second day he rode we went 160 miles to visit my father. Floyd passed away from old age in '95. I still dream about him sometimes. We have some interesting stories about the police. Someday perhaps we can have a pint and talk about him.

This was my first hotrod. It is a '69 RoadRunner. I had 3 RoadRunners. This one had a 440 with posi, traction bars, a line lock and a factory air induction hood. I was working at Lake Tahoe as a assembly language programmer and making lots of money. I probably spent too much money on "the fleet".

I'll get some pictures of my current cars someday...

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