Holography Books

I have a small collection of holography books. I often photocopy things for people who are doing research. If you need anything from these books drop me an e-mail.


Saxby, G., "Practical Holography" Third Edition,  IOP, 2003
This is the much awaited update to Graham's excelent book for a review please look here.

 Saxby, G., "Practical Holography",  Prentice Hall, 1988
This is the holographer's textbook of choice. If you are making holograms Graham has done it all before and will give you insite on how to make your process better. 

Unterseher, F., Hansen, J., Schlesing, B., "Handbook of Holography", Ross Books, 1982
This has to be the most exciting holography book of all time! If you want to get exposed to all of the table layouts in a fun and enthusiastic way this book is for you.

Bjelkhagen, H., "Silver Halide Materials", Springer-Verlag. 1996
The bible of holography chemistry. The Film section is out of date but the chemistry section is worth the price.

Hariharan, P., "Optical Holography", Cambridge University Press, 1996
This book is my bible. If I wonder if it can be done I look here first. It is an overview of everything to do with optical holography and includes references to hundereds of papers for further research. A must have book.

Keechner, W., "Solid State Laser Engineering", Springer, 1999
This is the DPSS bible. If you want to make a 532nm DPSS this is a great place to start. All of the math and all of the theory is very well presented.

DeFreitas, F., Rhody, A., Michael, S., "Shoebox Holography", Ross Books, 2000
This is the diode laser primer. It is written for a high school lab class. It is sometimes bogged down by it's teaching style but my guess is it ws intended to be a text book. If you want to make a hologram on the smallest budget get this book from your library.

Saleh, B., Teich, M., "Fundementals of Photonics", John Wiley and Sons, 1991
A good reference for things like waveplates and other optics used in advanced setups.

Jung, T. editor, "Holographic Imaging and Materials", Vol. 2043, SPIE, 1994
Very interesting papers including one on SHSG.

Kock, W., "Engineering Applications of Lasers and Holography", Plenum Press, 1969

Kasper, J., Feller, S., " The Complete Book of Holograms", John Wiley and Sons, 1987

Cathey, W., "Optical Information Processing and Holography", John Wiley and Sons, 1974

Brown, R., "Lasers: Tools of Modern Technology", Doubleday, 1968

Jung, T. editor, "Practical Holography II", SPIE, 1987

Iovine, J., "Homemade Holograms", Tab Books, 1990
This book is well written for the hobiest. It has many examples.

McGomb, G., "The Laser Cookbook", Tab Books, 1988

Saxby, G., "Holograms", Focal Press, 1980
Any book by Graham Saxby is worth having. This is no exception.

Hecht, J., Teresi, D., " Lasers: Light of a Million Uses", Dover, 1998

Horn, D., "Laser Experimenters Handbook", Tab Books, 1988

Kock, W., "Lasers and Holography", Doubleday, 1981

Ross, J., "3x8+1", Holograms 3-D, 1994
Information on holographic artists is very rare. This book is a jewel.

Bergquist, C., "Laser Design Toolkit", Prompt Publications, 1999

Smith, H., "Principals of Holography", Wiley, 1969

Vacca, J., "Holograms and Holography", Charles River Media, 2001
This is intended to be a guide to graphic artists. I found it a waste of money. Perhaps when I re-read it I will find some information of use.


Holography Marketplace is a bold adventure. It has everything from simple tutorials to discussions of advanced techniques. This publication is geared to people needing to work in holography. My favorite article is Ron Olsen's description of his pulsed frequency doubled YAG laser.

Ross, F., Yerkes, E., editors"Holography Marketplace: Second Edition", Ross Books, 1990

Kluepfel, B., Ross, F., editors, "Holography Marketplace: Third Edition", Ross Books, 1991

Kluepfel, B., Ross, F., editors, "Holography Marketplace: Fourth Edition", Ross Books, 1993

Kluepfel, B., Rhody, A., Ross, F., editors, "Holography Marketplace: Fifth Edition", Ross Books, 1995

Rhody, A., Ross, F., editors, "Holography Marketplace: Sixth Edition", Ross Books, 1997

Rhody, A., Ross, F., editors, "Holography Marketplace: Seventh Edition", Ross Books, 1998

Rhody, A., Ross, F., editors, "Holography Marketplace: Eigth Edition", Ross Books, 1999


Papers on SHSG:

Kim, J., et al., "Transmission and reflection SHSG holograms", SPIE, 2001

Kim, J., et al., "Holographic optical elements in SHSG Part 1. Transmission holographic optical elements", SPIE, 2001

Kim, J., et al., "SHSG processing for three-wavelength HOEs recording in silver halide materials", SPIE, 2002


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http://www.thorlabs.com {Optics}
http://www.edmundoptics.com {Optics}
http://www.photoformulary.com {Chemistry}
http://members.aol.com/integraf {Film, Kits and Books}
http://www.imagesco.com {Supplies and inexpensive optics}
http://www.laserreflections.com {Film}
http://www.slavich.com {Film}
http://www.holoworld.com/dslasers/ {Diode Laser Driver}
http://www.optima-optics.com {Laser Diode Parts}
http://www.nvginc.com {Laser Diode Parts}
http://www.digikey.com {Electronics}
http://www.reidtool.com {Tooling supplies}
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http://www.mcmaster.com {Raw Metal and Machining Supplies}
http://www.allcorp.com {Electronics}
http://www.alltronics.com {Electronics}
http://www.surplusshed.com {Surplus Optics}
http://www.sciplus.com {Surplus Parts and Cool Stuff}
http://www.use-enco.com {Tools}
http://www.forthdimension.net {Film and Supplies}
http://www.oatleyelectronics.com/ {Electronics}
http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/ {Chemicals}
http://www.roithner-laser.com/ {Lasers and diodes}
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/holographie/GB/index.html {Film}
http://www.cnilaser.com/ {DPSS Lasers}
http://www.mouser.com/ {Electronics}
http://www.spsenergy.com/index.htm {Solar Cells as Light Meter Probes}
http://www.solarbotics.com/info/aboutus.asp {Robot Technology}
http://www.fgsi.com/oracal.htm {instead of black paint for reflection holos #651}
http://www.murni.com/kit_0.htm {Inexpensive Collimating Mirrors}
http://www.abrisa.com/index.asp {Glass Products, Dichroic Mirrors}
http://www.lasersurplus.com/ {self-titled}

Links to Amateur Holographers

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Steve Michael
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