Embossed Holograms

3 inch round embossed hologram designed for Beer, Beer and More Beer by Colin Kaminski


I designed and had produced some embossed hologram stickers. It was a very interesting process. All of the work after I designed the artwork was done in Hong Kong by Designal Productions (Tel +852.9811.1199 | 2580.3471 Fax +852.2555.6745). I used a 2D/3D design. It was 4 planes, each about 1/8 inch apart in depth and involved shooting 5 images into one transmission master. This master then was copied H1-H2 to a rainbow copy. The rainbow copy was developed so it was a relief pattern. (All of the unexposed places shrunk.) This relief pattern was then plated and this "shim" was then used to press the pattern into heated plastic. This plastic was then adhered to a Mylar backing and the final shape of the hologram was produced by punching a 3 inch circle.

All artwork was submitted in Adobe Illustrator format.

Images from back to front:

The circle in the back, including the shadow of the URL (gold)
1st Beer (green)
2nd Beer (blue)
Most of the rest (gold)
Fill on the Barley (green)


If anyone would like one, please send a self addressed stamped envelope that is larger than a 3 inch circle with $1 (cash) to:

Hologram Sticker
Colin Kaminski
c/o Beer, Beer and More Beer
975-D Detroit Ave.
Concord, CA 94518

If anyone would like me to design an embossed hologram please contact me at:


A hologram like this requires a minium 5000pc order.


Please free to contact me at: colin@designerinlight.com
Copyright 2002 Colin Kaminski