Practical Holography, Third Edition by Graham Saxby
IOP Publishing, 2003 ISBN 0 7503 0912 1

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Practical Holography, A Must Have Book For the Working Holographer

Practical Holography has been the working holographers reference for almost 20 years. Graham Saxby's immense skill as a teacher is quite evident in this third edition. The early chapters cover the theory of holography with a minimum of math. (Graham wisely saves the math for the Appendix.) The next series of chapters covers simple layouts and processing with the assumption the reader is new to holography. It quickly advances into table configurations for almost every imaginable type of display hologram. Then with the basics firmly covered, he progresses into the more advanced concepts of holography like Holographic Optical Elements and holography for industrial measurements. All of the material is presented in increasing difficulty allowing Practical Holography to be valuable to every level of holographer.

 The wealth of information presented is staggering. From designing table layouts, making recording materials, designing and making your own optics and building an optical table, Graham covers everything an aspiring holographer would want to know. With his experience with both professional and amateur holographers he is able to provide many different approaches to a problem allowing the reader to decide which solution fits his needs, skills and budget. Of particular interest to amateur holographers is the excellent chapter on bypass holography allowing many types of holograms to be made with a $10 laser and using a table that is only 1 foot square!

The third addition shows not only the improvements in holography but also in Graham Saxby's understanding of how the field of holography changes and his skill at writing a text that will not soon be outdated. This much awaited update was well worth the wait. It will be the bible for at least another 10 years and anyone who actually is making or wants to make holograms will find it indispensable.

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