Phtographing Holograms is not a very easy task. The focus requirements are very difficult. Here are some photos taken by others.

I made the artwork for this hologram. For more Info see this page about  Embossed Holograms

This is a 4x5" dichromated geletin reflection H2 hologram that Dinesh, Joy and I made at their lab in San Diego. Here is a link to their work: Triple-Take. I helped a little but really the sucess of this image was the result of their skills which they were very generous about teaching me.

This is a rainbow hologram made from the same H1. I never really had done any rainbow work and Dinesh and Joy were nice enough to reset the table to show me how it was done. It is more difficult to view than the reflection but it is just as bright and has better depth.

Well, that is all I have for now. I really need to buy a camera that has a focus lock or a manual focus button.


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