Soaring is one of the most beautiful and challenging things I have ever undertaken. I soared for two years but it is an expensive hobby and I no longer participate very often. I have 95 flights in my log book. I am working on building a plane. This is a photo of a glider like mine. Mine is all rough fiberglass parts however. It is a plane called a Mistral and is a 15 Meter wing span with a fixed landing gear and medium performance. All but two were made at the factory. Mine and one other were shipped in parts to the US. The other one was built and is flying in the US.

If you would like to soar you can find a glider port near you at:


My two favorite glider ports are:


Crazy Creek

Here are some pictures of my first solo flight:

Rex Mayes tests the tow rope conection. Rex was the instructor who signed my solo certificate.

I close the canopy. For the first time I am alone in the cockpit.

After a short flight I am back safe. What happened in-between was a widening of my freedom.


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