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Solar Astronomy
In about 2005 I was able to look through Bob Hess' hydrogen alpha telescope. I knew instantly that I was going to have to acquire a hydrogen alpha telescope for viewing the sun. Bob is accomplished in optical design and it showed in his one off telescope. He explained how the etalon worked and since I had been exposed to etalons in laser design it was a design that stuck in my head.

When I went to purchase a telescope I found the accepted way a mica etalon worked had been told incorrectly on the internet. I decided I would write a couple of articles explaining the actual operation of the two most common etalon designs. I was a little surprised that there were people who would not like the proper optical description published.

Mark Wagner of Solar Spectrum was great at taking my calls and helping me sort out some of the history of the different manufacturers. About the same time Lunt Solar Systems was just starting up and Andy Lunt took some time with me to help me understand the challenges of manufacturing air spaced etalons. This resulted in two self published articles.
H-Alpha Photo by Greg Piopol
~ Resonant Spaces Part 1
~ Resonant Spaces Part 2
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